The Journal of Sharia Fundamentals for Specialized Researches

About the Journal :

The Journal of Sharia Fundamentals for Specialized Researches is published quarterly, it is designed for whoever researcher seeking welfare that is based on knowledge. It seeks to provide a platform for the excellent researchers to present and consider the values and themes of various religious and social sciences acquired by learning and practice. It aimed at becoming a meeting point and channel for researchers to publish their innovative works, with regard to the interpretation of Islamic Sharia sciences and its regulations and the enhancing of social sciences to become adequate programs that serve the human and society in a significant and neutral way.

Our mission is to maintain the efforts of researchers and their innovative works in Islamic Sharia sciences known for its human civilizational value, through which we can spread awareness among people and ensure respect and strength of Islamic identity in different scientific, cultural, and social environments.

Therefore, this journal is designed to serve as a platform to identify the various religious and social dimensions of knowledge, such as considering the Holy Quran as the foremost and fundamental source of Islamic rules followed by the Sunah (biography of the Prophet Mohammed Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) that explains and clarifies the Holy Quran, along with its affiliated Sharia studies on the individual and society, such as studies concerned with Ijtihad which focuses on the studying of modern issues and finding solutions to them.


The purpose of this research is to explain the expansion of the realization of the motto of Imam Shatby. The researcher relied on the inductive method by following the statements of jurists and fundamentalists in the literature on this topic and the methodological approach in the statement of the concept of achieving the principles of fundamentalists and Imam Shati. Shatby is the original in the application of the provisions of the law, which is the work of the Mukhlvkhalhm, and the achievement of the original and the basis in the applied jurisprudence, which includes the content of the subjects of the goals Almklvin. Imam al-Shatby has expanded the investigation into three areas: 1 - the door to achieve the goals: the approach of Shati al-'Ali, the meaning of achieving a special approach to be an effort to overcome the fundamentalist measurement; the realization of the fundamentalists is to achieve the agreed upon in the branch, while Shatby believes that Ijtihad is the fulfillment of the motto is my eternal currency without any disagreement between the mother. 2 - Implementation: that he believes that the costs are not only the achievement of objects, for the treatment of all Almklvin, is considered by the diligent and common. 3 - types: the first: "the achievement of public space", and the second: "the achievement of the special area" and called the nature of Almklaf attributed to the acts associated with the human nature, taking into account the interests of Almklvin and their situation, which is the subject of the diligent only. Finally, the researcher touched on the parameters and controls to expand the realization of the objects derived from the words of Imam Shati, which is:
To fill the excuses, and the virtues, and the approval, and lift the embarrassment and harm, tricks, and taking into account the differences, interests, and observance of the purposes of Almklvin.

Key words: Ijtihad, the achievement of the public and private areas, Imam Shatby, areas of realization of areas and milestones, taking into account the purposes of Almklvin, Mhalat.